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DB:CoR Prologue Chapter 1
    “There it is gentlemen.. what a beauty.” A voice spoke, turning to their comrade with an evil smirk, “Look at it gentlemen, this planet is fully furnished. Its race is well developed too, their technology merely counters our own.” The voice raised a fist, clasping tight with pride, “What do you say gentlemen? If we strike now, this planet’s race will only have a short window for response.” “ I say we go in with full force, a race this developed would take no chance to surrender against a race as powerful as the saiyans.” One responder replies, with great pride and energy. Many saiyans shout and cheer in response, bellowing loudly with their strong pride. “We shall claim this beautiful planet for our own and nothing shall get in our way!” Shouts the prideful leader of the saiyans, King Vegeta, with many of the saiyans cheering loudly in response.
    “We will start at dawn,
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Rai's Character Bio
Rai's Character Bio:
With the release of the Dragon ball Z Movie, "Battle of Gods" (spoiler) the God of Destruction Lord Beerus mentions that there are 12 universes that are involved in the DBZ universe with the universe that the show takes place is the 7th Universe of the 12. Rai takes place in a universe where the Saiyans are an elite warrior race, but chose to invade the Earth in a more advanced time period where the humans were technologically capable to prevent the Saiyan invasion.
While most of the Saiyans returned to their residing planet, many with hopes for a new future remained on the Earth to settle and make it their home. Several years after the invasion, many of the saiyans who made Earth their home created their own families, one of which Rai was born into. At the time, Earth is in a time period much more advanced than ours, where genetic research has created many branching species to the human race, of which Rai was the half Saiyan, half Cat Human Hybrid offspring to his
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    Hey guys, its been a while. The last journal I have written since this one was more than a year ago back in June of 2015. The past year and a half have been pretty interesting. I have moved up with my job, and its been keeping me busy. I learned how to code within Second Life, and I've made a bunch of interesting things through it that have taken a lot of time, and now I'm somehow leading a whole group within Second Life that does combat in SL. So much has been coming up and what bugs me is that each time I come on to here and my other art sites, I feel inspired to want to make something new that I've always wanted to do, which is a comic series that I can continue to update.

    I plan to start working on this, by making a weekly schedule so that I can manage all of the crazy things that have found their way into my life. Hopefully through this I can have a page every week made along side my usual projects. I'll keep you guys all updated soon!

- Rai





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Happy birthday buddy, hope you have a wonderful day today.
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